Taipei, officially Taipei City, and previously known as Taihoku from 1895 to 1945 is the capital and a special municipality of the Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan. Located in Northern Taiwan, Taipei City is an enclave of the municipality of New Taipei City that sits about 25 km southwest of the northern port city of Keelung. Most of the city rests on the Taipei Basin, an ancient lakebed. The basin is bounded by the relatively narrow valleys of the Keelung and Xindian rivers, which join to form the Tamsui River along the city’s western border.The municipality of Taipei is home to an estimated population of 2,494,813, forming the core part of the Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area, also known as Greater Taipei, which includes the nearby cities of New Taipei and Keelung with a population of 7,047,559, the 40th most-populous urban area in the world—roughly one-third of Taiwanese citizens live in the metro areas. The name Taipei can refer either to the whole metropolitan area or just the municipality alone.

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